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Laura Bergeron
Laura BergeronJewelry Designer
I work hard at staying centered, keeping a healthy perspective, living in the present moment, and knowing what I can and cannot do. I like my jewelry to go a bit beyond just looking good.
I believe you should buy the boots, wear the lipstick and don’t be afraid to look amazing in those earrings. Life is short. Do good, be well, read good books, and treat your natural beauty (and we all have that) to some jewelry.

Alternately known as lover of antique buttons, silversmith, collector of gorgeous and sublime bits of victorian jewelry and art deco memorabilia, devotee of Joan of Arc, Special Education teacher, and mother of three perfect (you know what I mean) children. I love combining stunning , old and rare jewelry and decorative pieces into amazing statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Antique jewelry bits, ornate antique buttons, and beautifully sublime artifacts from long ago are responsible for some stunning bracelets, earrings and exquisite assemblage necklaces that will turn curious heads. Antique buttons nearly always have a place in my pieces.  

I live in the town of Falmouth, on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and have been sharing my jewelry with the world since 1993.  

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