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Your jewelry will arrive in clean, restored condition. Maintenance is simple & in many cases, not an issue. Never immerse in water as many old metal buttons have inner layers of paper, or incorporate steel construction. The best course is to use a hand-held all-metals polishing cloth, usually obtainable at hardware stores. Where I live, I use the Cape Cod Polishing cloth to maintain a lustre. The bracelet findings (i.e. blanks, jumprings, clasps, pin backs, etc.) used are silver and gold plated, and seldom tarnish.
Yes. All the jewelry is created with original vintage objects. No reproduction buttons or typewriter keys have been used.
Exact duplicates, due to the nature of these antique treasures, cannot be ordered. However, should you desire more of a certain item, please e-mail us and we can hand select or create one or more items made with very similar components. Antique buttons, typewriter keys and cufflinks are one of a kind.
If you are returning to my Etsy store looking for an item that does not appear to be offered any more, it has been sold. Another similar item will soon be posted.
The handcrafted jewelry on display here is for sale in my Etsy store.

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